Therapeutic Counselling

If you became physically ill, the likelihood is that you would visit a doctor or seek some form of remedy to heal yourself. It is equally as important to visit an appropriate professional and seek remedies for mental and emotional health. The human mind is incredibly complex and at Dragonfly Therapies, we understand these complexities and can help you to gain self-awareness and personal insight. If you would like to read more about how counselling can help you, please see here.

Counselling is carried out by trained therapists and is a process that recognises that each person is unique with unique experiences. It is a talking therapy that is guided by psychological theories about the causes of problems and the methods needed to help.

The process of counselling is a confidential form of helping, which values and seeks to elicit each client’s innate internal resources, coping abilities and strengths. Counsellors may help clients with specific problems in the present and may also support them with long-term problems stemming from the past too.

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